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Our expertise in sanitisation services for your premises


Commercial Kitchen Canopies cleaning, Grease removal and Disinfection

We clean, degrease and disinfect your extraction networks. A well-maintained kitchen canopy guarantees the efficiency of the equipment and provides a better ventilated kitchen! Complete report delivered upon completion with before & after pictures, intervention technical details, working hours, schematic representation of the network and specific recommendations. Upon invoice settlement, a certificate is provided

Ventilation systems dust removal

Dust removal and disinfection controls the output and implement the corrective actions. Contaminated air is a damaging factor for industrial processes and people. We intervene from a hygiene angle: We remove dust, clean thoroughly, disinfect and decontaminate the air flow of your network. We supply air filters and disinfect all evaporator units too. We install access doors for better inspection results and easy access to carry out maintenance interventions.

Air Flow Filters Solutions

We can advise you on accessories, supply filtration equipment solutions for: dust - grease - odours - pre-filters - pocket filters - dihedral filters – hepa? filters - activated carbon – media filters.
Preferential rates negotiated with our manufacturers.

Ventilation Systems Installations

From project, installations to maintenance. We work together on your new project, renovation plans or bring to speed your ventilation systems in compliance with regulations.
We cover Mechanical Ventilation Systems (MVS), Air Processing flow units, Unit Heaters, Kitchen Canopies, Extraction fans, Vacuum Turrets and more.

Pests Control Solutions

In order to meet your needs, at SDI Ventilation Group we specialise in the treatment of pests control: Insect & Rat Extermination, and Disinfection.
Our technicians are qualified tradesmen.
We guarantee a quick, efficient and discreet intervention.

Antiviral Sanitisation and Disinfection Services

SDI Ventilation Group guarantees your surfaces to be cleaned to the highest standard for your staff’s wellbeing, following environmental guide lines and UK-EU sanitary standards.
Disinfecting Evaporators.
All food surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using compatible products used in the medical, agricultural, catering and hospitality sectors.

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The company

SDI Ventilation, c’est aujourd’hui un groupe avec une ambition : réaliser 10 millions d’euros d’ici 2026, en garantissant le bien-être de ses collaborateurs en donnant du sens et du confort à leurs quotidiens et en mettant nos clients au centre de toutes nos actions. La volonté de SDI Ventilation est donc d'apporter à ses clients et partenaires une offre globale : L’audit, l'étude, l'entretien, le nettoyage, la maintenance (SAV) et l'installation des systèmes de ventilation et de traitement des buées grasses pour garantir l’hygiène et la sécurité des réseaux aérauliques, améliorer la qualité de l’air intérieur et prévenir des risques incendies. Des agences sont déployées sur le plan national afin d'assurer une couverture optimale et de proposer une offre de proximité.

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Main sectors of intervention

Large Retailers, Manufacturing and Corporate sectors

Healthcare, Medical and Social Sector

Community Centers

Catering and Hospitality

Education Sector

Housing and Yachting Associations

Your satisfaction, our priority

Your satisfaction is our priority : we are constantly looking to improve our services and our focus is always to provide our Clients with a bespoke solution. After each intervention we send by post a survey to our Customers to measures their satisfaction. This allows us to analyse, improve, train and share recommended corrective actions with our teams. NEW 2018 : Connect to your customer area and access your documents and your calendar easily! 

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Our agencies – SDI Ventilation network

SDI Ventilation Group is present throughout France, Belgium, Luxembourg, London and surroundings to ensure fast responsiveness and intervention. You can easily find your nearest Agent by selecting one of the dots on the map

Contact our London office 07473 763 767 or 07770 382 363 

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The founding idea is to provide companies required to comply with regulations, a tailored made proposition to maintain regularly their ventilation and extraction systems: facilitating air flow systems, installations, maintenance and troubleshooting. 
SDI Ventilation Group provides bespoke solutions. In the UK we cover the greater part of London and surroundings. In France agencies are deployed at the National level to ensure optimal coverage.