Ventilation systems dust removal

Dust removal and disinfection controls the output and implement the corrective actions. Contaminated air is a damaging…


Ventilation Systems Dust Removal



At SDI Ventilation Group, we provide a dust removal and disinfection service to cover your entire ventilation network.


SANITISE your air distribution systems to reduce the spread of bacteria. 

MVS and air conditioning cleaned = better air quality. 


Why do I Need to maintain the ventilation network ?


1. To sanitise inside a room and ensure better air quality or air renewal 

2. To control air humidity and prevent mould formation in non-visible areas

3. To protect people's health by ensuring the renewal of internal air flow especially for places at risk like (offices, schools, health centers, convention rooms, retirement homes and more)

We recommend you maintain your air flow network once a year. 




SDI Ventilation Group has 25 years of experience. 

Each of our interventions meets strict specifications established beforehand with you and adapted to your situation. 



The SDI Ventilation Methodology

How do you maintain aeraulic (air flow) netfworks ? 

  • We carry out an audit of your installations in order to provide you with a suitable upkeep and maintenance solution. 
  • Dusting, cleaning and disinfecting aeraulic networks is done by vacuum brushing and the bio-decontamination is done by injecting bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide products.
  • Control of the Air Flow out put 
  • We carry out the inspection with a robotic camera for better results
  • Bacteriological Control 
  • We also supply and install suitable filters
  • In order to access the entire network, we install "access doors" for deeper and professional dust removal
  • Maintenance contracts are also available for the upkeep of your ventilation equipment 
  • Gasper fans are also cleaned thoroughly 



During his visit, you can ask the technician any questions. Their training and experience are entirely at your disposal free of charge. 


depoussierage ventilation​​

What are the benefits ?




We are Certified QUALIBAT - No.5452 Cleaning Air Flow Networks for large kitchens - Technicality approved. 



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