Antiviral Sanitisation and Disinfection Services

SDI Ventilation Group guarantees your surfaces to be cleaned to the highest standard for your staff’s wellbeing,…


Antiviral Sanitisation and Disinfection Services



At SDI Ventilation Group we ensures all surfaces are disinfected whether it's in the medical field, education system, catering, hotels/B&B, offices, meeting rooms and more. We follow strict environment guide lines, health and safety standards and our goal is to provide a safe environment for people. 


We DISINFECT your premise with and "Eco-Friendly Spray", which eliminates considerably any unwanted microorganism.

A 100 % naturel and 100% effective product.


Why clean and disinfect your premises ?  


1. To improve the hygiene and cleanliness of food processing surfaces and work top furniture. 

2. To eliminate unwanted microorganisms and the spread of viruses and bacteria. 

3. To guarantee a safe & healthy environment for your employees. 

We recommend this service in spring and fall. 


Disinfection is an operation that significantly eliminates unwanted microorganisms found in premises and provides visible and thorough cleanliness for both food and people. Also energy consumption is optimised and equipment sustainability increases. 

A disinfectant is used to treat surfaces, objects and furniture in the medical environment, as well as in the agricultural, catering and hospitality sectors... 


SDI Ventilation Group has 25 years of experience. 

Each of our interventions meets strict specifications established beforehand with you and adapted to your situation. 


The SDI Ventilation Methodology

  • Visit to your premises 
  • Team introduction
  • Marking the working area 
  • Protection of the installation and its surroundings 
  • The Sanitisation of the premises is done by nebulisation and cold spray with 100% natural mineral disinfectant. It is applied on all work furniture, walls, floors and false ceillings
  • All food surfaces and work tops furniture are thoroughly cleaned 
  • Disinfection to prevent coronavirus 
  • To maintain a good level of sanitisation of your surfaces, you can purchase essential environmental friendly cleaning products from SDI.  





What are the benefits ?



We are Certified QUALIBAT - No.5452 Cleaning Air Flow Networks for large kitchens - Technicality approved. 



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