Industrial hygiene and safety

Removal of dust and disinfection of ventilation, flow control and corrective actions.
 Contaminated air is detrimental…


Removal of dust and bio decontamination of fresh air supply networks / Mechanical ventilation


Regulatory reminder

New regulatory framework for monitoring air quality in public buildings.


Your VMC simple flow or double flow network ensures the renewal of the air and allows the sanitation of the interior parts, it is essential for the industrial processes and sensitive individuals:

  • Better air quality or air renewal
  • Good ventilation allows the control of the humidity of the air and prevents the formation of moulds
  • Protecting your indoor environment


Maintenance is recommended at least once annually.


We intervene in the following :

  • Dusting, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation networks
  • Audit of control of airflows
  • Network visualization by robotic camera
  • Bacteriological control
  • Particule count
  • Matching filter supplies
  • Setting up visit hatches
  • Maintenance contracts for ventilation equipment
  • Complete cleaning of the aerators


depoussierage ventilation

depoussierage controle debit d air




According to the health regulations (Order N ° 79-561) in Annex IV Article 31: The ventilation ducts remain in good working condition, as well as in perfect cleanliness with a suitable air flow.

SDI Ventilation carries out a technology watch so that our technicians are trained accordingly.

A consultant visits the site to be serviced and makes a complete audit of your installations in order to propose a suitable maintenance and maintenance solution.

During his visit, ask him all the questions that seem important to you, his training and his experience are entirely at your disposal for free.

The networks are cleaned by aspiro-brushing and most often a simple biodecontamination by injection of bactericidal, fungicidal, viricidal and sporicidal products is sufficient ...

Your adviser adapts his proposal to arrive at a perfect hygienic solution. 




  1. Better air quality
  2. Good ventilation = control of the humidity of the air and prevents the formation of moulds
  3. Protecting your indoor environment




We breathe an average of 15,000 litres of air per day.
Microbial development niches multiple, particularly in public places such as:
  Educational institutions
  Health institutions
  Public rooms
  Sports halls
  Municipal swimming pools ...

Or invisible places such as:
  Extraction ventilation ducts network and air supply network
  Air conditioner
  Column of crawl space ...

Contaminated air is a detrimental factor for industrial processes and individuals.
It can affect a production line
=> Food preparation

But also in sites that gather highly sensitive people:
  The elderly


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