Pests Control Solutions

In order to meet your needs, at SDI Ventilation Group we specialise in the treatment of pests control: Insect…


Pests Control Solutions



The SDI Ventilation Group specialised in pests control : Insect & Rat Extermination, and Disinfection. When our cleaning intervention team is on site take the opportunity to ask our certified CERTIBIOCIDE technicians for a quote. 


SDI Ventilation guarantees discreet, fast and efficient interventions. 



Why treatments are important ? 


  •  Carrying out regular preventive interventions

Preventive : meets sanitary standards 

Curative : presents a radical solution 

  • Optimal hygiene guaranty for all your food preparation surfaces. 
  •  Avoid equipment getting unneccessarily damaged 



SDI Ventilation Group has 25 years of experience. 

Each of our interventions meets strict specifications established beforehand with you and adapted to your situation. 



The SDI Ventilation Methodology

Preventive and curative treatment

  • Deep trail investigation carried out to determine the type of rodent.
  • Depending on the diagnosis and the degree of infestation : we propose a tailor made action plan. 
  • Choice of bait is adapted to the type of rodents and the insecticidal gel is adapted to the type of insects. 
  • Quick results : a few days after our first visit, the immediat results are already visible. 
  • The complete elimination of rodents is done within 2 weeks and for insects is done within 1 month.
  • Please note : our technicians can advise you on the best implementable solution 
  • Surface are treated with a spray gun
  • Confined areas are treated with a nebulisation (steam) device. 



What are the benefits ?




We are Certified QUALIBAT - No.5452 Cleaning Air Flow Networks for large kitchens - Technicality approved. 



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