SDI Ventilation company

The SDI Ventilation Group was developed in 1995 in the sector of preventive and curative maintenance for ventilation systems.

Our values 

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns. We are looking to continually improve the satisfaction of our customers. To measure and improve it, we implemented a customer satisfaction survey sent automatically following our visit. This satisfaction survey measures our quality of service in terms of hygiene and safety / deadlines / customer / technical relationship.


Quality approach

Our agencies are certified QUALIBAT.

This certification is renewed annually.



In 2010, our company started a large-scale project with 15% of its profits reinvested in Research and Development.  A year-long study led to the realization of a new mode of intervention in our main activities.

The "Eco Vapor" grease removal technique was born from a desire to pre-empt regulatory requirements in terms of ecology and sustainable development, with in 2013 the withdrawal of many products intended for the regular maintenance of professional equipment. The Eco Vapor system led to an increase in productivity and efficiency for our technical agents.
Our grease removal and disinfection service benefits from the latest technologies in dry and wet steam.

Sustainable development

At SDI Ventilation Group, our approach to sustainable development means not only seeking economic performance, but also social and environmental performance.

  • Economic dimension

Wealth creation

  • Ecologic dimension

Minimal use of exhaustible resources
Sustainable use of renewable resources
Protection of the environment 

  • Social and societal dimensions

Equal opportunities for individuals
Equal opportunities for future generations
Fight against unemployment
Ethics, health and safety


Aware of the issues relating to the health and safety of technical agents, SDI ventilation Group is committed to a global approach in the prevention of occupational risks. Training in hygiene and safety is an important part of this process, by making it possible, amongst other things, to inform employees of the various elements to be taken into consideration in order to ensure their safety.
A safety booklet specific to SDI Group ventilation has been created and presents the main risks of our activity and all the measures to be taken into consideration for the safety of all.


The creation of a training center demonstrates our desire to differentiate ourselves by the quality of our services. The training provided is certified and meets our needs and is also rewarding in terms of social recognition. Equality of opportunity is one of the virtues of our integration policy.

Integration and well-being at work

Because the integration of a new employee in a company is one of the essential phases of a successful recruitment, we have implemented a number of projects facilitating the discovery of the framework to new hires:

A welcome booklet is given to the employee on the first day, it symbolizes the first stage of its integration into the SDI Ventilation Group. This 20-page guide presents the Group, the agencies, the employees, the living environment at work, the premises, the material, the organization and the management of the human resources as well as all the practical information related to an integration without stress.

We want to promote collective values ​​within the SDI Ventilation Group, which is why we place communication at the heart of our work well-being approach. To facilitate relationships between employees and ensure visibility, we are present on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin and Viadeo).




Our agencies – SDI Ventilation network

SDI Ventilation Group operates nationwide in France as well as in London, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

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