Ventilation system installations

Analysis, installation…


Ventilation system installations

SDI Ventilation Group supports you in planning for the creation, renovation or compliance of your ventilation systems.


installation de ventilations

Extraction turrets

  • Extraction or blow-out chambers
  • All types of fans (axial, helical, centrifugal action or reaction ...)
  • Ventilation networks (ducts, ducts, vents, sensors or diffusers)
  • Professional hoods
  • Control system (Variators, smoke extraction of professional kitchen extractions)
  • Detecting and extinguishing kitchen fires
  • Treatment of odours and pollutants

pose de tourelle sur costiere  pose de tourelle sur costiere 2

Turret installation on roof


mise en place réseau de gaines d'extraction et de ventilation

Installation of ventilation ducts, silencers and extractors







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