Air Flow Filters Solutions

We can advise you on accessories, supply filtration equipment solutions for: dust - grease - odours - pre-filters -…


Air Flow Filters Solutions




At SDI Ventilation Group, we advise, supply and can install filters at preferential rates negotiated with our selected manufacturers.  

To increase the efficiency of the air renewal/flow, it is important to REPLACE your Air Hand.


Why do we need to change filters regulary ?


1. To improve air circulation

2. To avoid the proliferation of bacteria

3. To protect your Air Handling Unit (AHU) engine

4. To recover oily mist more effectively

5. To clean clogged duct systems

6. To improve the quality and safety of your installations overall.

We recommend that you change your filters once a year.


The SDI Ventilation methodology


How do we change your filters ? 

  • A Complete audit of your installations is carried out in order to propose a suitable upkeep and maintenance solution.
  • Supply and installation suitable filters.
  • Installation of access doors. 

During his visit, you can ask the technician any questions. Their training and experience are entirely at your disposal free of charge.



 Grease filters for professional kitchen Canopies

 Standard or tailor made tariffs 

  • Impact filters  All stainless steel filters fire protection and Flame retardants

  • Media filters known as "honeycomb"

  Stainless steel frame OR plain stainless steel or galvanised.

This filter is used in kitchen for extraction systems. It separates the drops and blocks the largest particles of oily fumes inside the kitchen canopy. It promotes the elimination of combustion gases, greases, odours and other pollutants generated when cooking.  These filters are machine washable.

  •  Disposable grease filters



 Air filter types 

Standard or custom filters F7, F9, G4, G7 for Granulometry Air Treatment Plant

  • Cardboard Frame  
  • Galvanised Steel frame
  • Filter rolls
  • Active charcoal

Changing a filter on a Mechanical Ventilation System (MVS)

MVS single stream filter is classified from G2 to G4. It blocks most large airborne particles. Maintaining the single-flow of a MVS filter is like replacing filters regularly, which trap most particles and fats. A MVS filter that needs replacing indicates the need to maintain building security.



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 Access doors

  • For galvanised steel ducts
  • For Fib'air ducts 
  • For cylindrical or rectangular ducts

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What are the benefits ? 




We are Certified QUALIBAT - No.5452 Cleaning Air Flow Networks for large kitchens - Technicality approved. 




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