Filtration solutions

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 Supply and equipment in filtration: dust - grease - odours - pre - filter - pocket air…


Filtration solutions

Depending on your requirements, SDI Ventilation Group advises and equips your establishment with filters at preferential rates negotiated with our suppliers. 


Grease filters for professional kitchen hoods

Standard or customized rates/prices


  • "M0" choc filters, All-stainless steel filter with fire protection, flame guard


  • Media filters known as "honeycombs"

Galvanized knit, stainless steel frame OR All stainless steel OR All galvanized steel

This filter is used in kitchen extraction systems. It separates drops and blocks larger fat particles in kitchen hoods. It promotes the elimination of flue gases, fats, odours and other pollutants generated by cooking. These filters are machine washable.


  • Disposable grease filters


Air filters

Standard filters or customized filters for Air handler unit with grain size F7, F9, G4, G7 ...

  • Cardboard frame
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Media filter roll
  • Activated carbon


filtre à air

Change a filter on a Mechanical Ventilation

Attentive to the EN 779 standard, the filter on standard mechanical ventilation is classified from G2 to G4. It blocks most large particles suspended in the air. Maintenance of the mechanical ventilation filter means changing, on a regular basis, the installed filters which trap most particles and greases. Changing a mechanical ventilation filter means that it gives an indication of the need to maintain the safety of the building.

Access panels


  • For galvanized steel ducts
  • For Fib'air ducts
  • For cylindrical or rectangular ducts

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