Cleaning, removal of grease and disinfection of extraction networks

Cleaning, removal of greasing and disinfection of your extraction networks.
 Because a well-maintained hood is…


Cleaning, removal of grease and disinfection of extraction networks


Regulations require the maintenance of grease extraction systems in industrial kitchens:
Failure to comply with this legislation for a professional may result in:
• Non compliance notice from the hygiene services authorities
• Cancellation or restriction of insurance policies


Fire Hazards in grease extract systems are common and major fires can occur which can have a devastating effect on business as insurance companies “rarely” pay out without a recent Extract System cleaning certificate. There is a legal duty to prevent such fire occurring. Part of the regulations stipulates that grease extract systems must be assessed for fire hazards and Extractor fan cleaning is a legal requirement. The workplace must carry out a risk assessment of extraction cleaning, once every three / six or twelve months depending on the amount of use.

If your extract system has not been cleaned and there is evidence of grease deposits within the system, you will be failing to comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.

It is recommended that the system is professionally cleaned on a regular basis.


Why maintain the network in good condition?

To be in conformity with the legislation in force

Improve food hygiene of your establishment: smells, polluting particles, management of risk

Ensure your safety and that of your staff: reduced fire risk

Protection of equipment


SDI Ventilation Group has 24 years of experience in cleaning, degreasing and disinfection of extraction networks.

Each of our interventions meet a strict set of specifications previously established and adapted to your situation.

Our expertise

How is an intervention performed?


  • Protection of installations and their surroundings by single-use polyane
  • Protection of surrounding electrical points
  • Visual inspection of the tightness and emptiness of the ducts
  • "BEFORE" photography of maintenance facilities
  • Removal of grease filters to access extraction circuits 
  • Steam Eco degreasing of interior hood and exterior facades
  • Steam Eco degreasing of extraction duct
  • Steam Eco degreasing of extraction turbine and verification of motor and fan condition
  • Cleaning, wet steam stripping and recovery, waste recycling
  • Degreasing and refilling of grease filters
  • Degreasing the drainage channels surrounding floors and walls
  • Disinfection of surrounding furniture
  • Disinfection of the entire Dry Vapor extraction system
  • Drying the interior and exterior hood and spraying a finishing lacquer
  • Verification of the correct functioning of the installation, UV system, enzymatic diffusers, fire protection
  • "AFTER" photograph of the maintained facilities
  • Recycling of waste and consumables

degraissage des filtres


We offer our experience for the maintenance on your extract system:
Professional Canopies/Hoods
Fans/Kitchen extractors


degraissage de hottes

degraissage materiels professionnels

SDI Ventilation Group advantages

  • Free personnalized quote without engagement
  • Reactivity and speed of execution thanks to the proximity of our agencies

  • Full report given after each intervention

  • Respect of the environment, employees and legislation

  • Preventative maintenance services by our qualified technicians



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