Commercial Kitchen Canopies cleaning, Grease removal and Disinfection

We clean, degrease and disinfect your extraction networks. A well-maintained kitchen canopy guarantees the efficiency…


Cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting commercial kitchen canopies



SDI Ventilation Group specialises in degreasing your extraction networks by eco-steam.


CLEAN your extraction networks to improve the hygiene in your kitchen. 

Because a well-maintained kitchen canopy guarantees your installation to perform better !


Why clean the network ?


1. To comply with the legislation in force.   

2. To ensure the safety of all your staff and the public, reducing potential fire hazard.  

3. To improve the air quality and hyiene of your premises : eliminating odours, polluting particles, preventing the threat of runs and stains on waills and false ceillings. 

4. To make your equipment last longer with regular interventions by our trained technicians.

LOI Article GC 21/10/2005 du code des ERP [...] All installations for extracting air polluted by greasy fumes must be maintained at least one a year !



The SDI Ventilation Group has 25 years of experience in cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting extraction networks. 

Each of our interventions meets strict specifications established beforehand and adapted to your situation. 



The SDI Ventilation methodology 

How is an intervention done ? 

  • Protection of your equipment and their surroundings with a single-use polyene plastic sheet
  • Protection of all electrical points and surroundings   
  • Visual control of waterproofing and emptiness of sheaths
  • Pictures "BEFORE" the maintenance starts
  • Removal of grease filters to access the extraction control system and inspect its condition
  • Setting up "access doors" to degrease the entire network from the hood to the extractor fan. The legislisation permits "access doors" every 10 feet on sheath networks
  • Grease removal by Eco steam on the inner and outer parts of the canopy
  • Grease removal of extraction sheaths by Eco steam 
  • Eco steam the extraction turbine and inspect motor and fan usage
  • Clean and strip by Wet Stream and waste is recycled 
  • Degrease and re-apply grease filters 
  • Degrease drain channels floors and surrounding walls 
  • Disinfect all surrounding furniture   
  • Disinfect the entire extraction system by Dry Steam
  • Dry the canopy in & out and finish by spraying a dry finishing lacquer
  • Ensure the installation is in good working order, including the UV system, enzymatic diffusers and fire protection system
  • Pictures "AFTER" the maintenance is finished 
  • A waste and consumables are recycled



Our experience is at your service for maintaining your ventilation network :
Commercial Kitchen Canopies
Air flow filters
Ducts Systems
Extractor Fans



What are the benefits ?




We are Certified QUALIBAT - No.5452 Cleaning Air Flow Networks for large kitchens - Technicality approved. 



Regulations in the UK require the maintenance of oily mist extraction systems in commercial kitchens :

  • According to the Official fire safety regulations ; It is the responsability of the business manager/owner of the premise to maintain a high level of Health and Safety Standards

Failure to comply with this legislation for a professional individual can result in : 

  • A court hearing by the hygiene services  
  • A cancellation or settlement restriction from insurance companies 


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